Quality Residential & Commercial Lifts


Whisper Quiet Electric Lifts – Custom Made in Italy

Our sleek, compact designed lifts are an eco-friendly, safer, and more reliable option, using the latest technology for whisper quiet efficiency and lower running costs.

They are perfect for residential and commercial spaces, as well as apartment buildings, terraced houses and retirement homes where safety, reliability and a compact fit is essential.

All our lifts are electric, battery powered and designed to support your home or office environment, blending beautifully into your existing interior design.


Custom Lifts for Home or Office

We design complete custom lifts and install them ourselves, ensuring your lift is perfect for your unique space and requirements. We are experts at installation of lifts, we know how to make it work perfectly in every situation.


About Our Lifts

Eco-Friendly & Economical

Our lifts are all fully electric, using next generation technology. Powered by batteries, that continually recharge from the mains, saving power costs and uses no messy oils, lubricants, rams, pumps or hoses. It uses the same energy as powering a flat screen TV.

There is minimal impact on the structure of your building and minimal additional excavation costs that reduces chance of flooding, making our lifts the eco-friendliest & economical option on the market.


Safer, More Reliable

Our lifts are New Zealand (NZS4334), Australian and European Standards compliant. Our lift cars can be fully enclosed for safety and reliability.

We have extensive fail-safe safety features including a key switch to lock the lift. Our unique Anti Blackout System keeps you safe even in a power outage. Our lifts will continue to work for up to 30 runs without mains power, safely transporting you without any change in lift performance.

Our motors have a locking mechanism built in to stop it from moving faster than normal speed that negates any chance of a free fall. Our lifts have 4 cables that connect the counterweights, through our patented motor and to the cabin. Each rated 12 times the maximum rated load of the lift. Our safety mechanisms have both electrical and physical components keeping you safer. There is also an emergency button and interior phone for additional peace of mind.

Fast, Quiet & Smooth Ride

Our innovative design and the latest technology enable our lifts to travel as fast as allowable under NZS 4334 - 300 mm/sec. We use magnetic sensors in the shaft and on the cabin that decelerate the lift for a near imperceptible, jolt free stop.

As our lifts are electric, they make virtually no noise with no vibrational hammering noise through the home or building


Compact & Efficient

Sporting a sleek design with superb engineering, our lifts are virtually maintenance free and are compactly designed taking up minimal space without the need for bulky equipment that hydraulic lifts require.

Our lifts fit the standard 2.4 metre ceilings that are common in most houses and require a pit depth of between 130 mm to 300 mm depending on the design of your lift.

Individually Custom Designed

All features can be customised – size, shape, interior style, doors, walls, flooring, ceiling, lighting, operating panels and displays, push buttons, handrails and phones.

We can accommodate up to 3 entrances, wheelchair access, accessibility options, glass panels and exterior shafts.


Quality European Parts & Manufacturing

Our lifts are built in Italy by our manufacturing partner, who produce over 700 elevators per year and have been in the lift industry for over 50 years. All componentry is made to high European standards in Italy.

Our lifts are designed and manufactured in the one factory, meaning our lifts are 100% integrated. This increases safety and reliability as all parts are designed to work with one another rather than gathering different parts from different manufacturers and assembling them in your home.


 Why Choose Our Lifts?

Whatever way you look at our lifts, you will find they are market leading in every respect. They travel almost silently at the maximum speed allowable while using as much power as your flat screen TV. They continue to operate in the event of a power cut. Their safety features are second to none.

The elegantly engineered mechanisms that drive the lift use no oils, lubricants, rams, pumps or hoses and produce no vibrations in your home or building. They literally decelerate and stop using magnetic fields, meaning a smooth, stress and jolt free stop. This improves reliability and reduces maintenance requirements. And all with minimal changes to your home or building.

Comparing our lift to our competitors is like comparing a cathode ray TV to the latest flat screen TV - the difference is that great.


Faster, Smoother Ride

Our lifts travel at the maximum speed allowable – 300 mm p/sec - and our innovative magnetic sensors control the deceleration and stopping giving you a smoother experience.


Reliable and Safe

Our unique anti-blackout system means our lifts keep working even in a power outage. The comfort of knowing your lift has multiple safety mechanisms – both mechanical and electrical – will instil great confidence and an increased sense of wellbeing.


Whisper Quiet

Our patented electric motor and battery powered design means our lifts operate smoothly and whisper quiet without the hydraulic vibrational noise interrupting your peace or feeling the jolting of a ram as it pushes and pulls you up and down.


Compact, Sleek Design

Our lifts are beautifully designed to fit into any commercial building, apartment, home or residential care facility. With no bulky equipment, and minimal earthworks required, our lifts leave a minimal footprint.


Lower Cost

Our lifts use the latest technology for the most efficient power use available and with unique design and engineering they virtually reduce wear and tear.



Our lifts are fully electric without the need for messy oils, lubricants, rams, pumps or hoses that can damage the environment and your home. They use the same energy as a flat screen TV to operate.

 Our Range



The Mangusta can perfectly adapt to your unique style for commercial or residential use. It can be customised and designed with a wide range of colours and materials to suit your interior style. Suited for up to 5 persons with a max size of 1400mm x 1400mm and 300mm/s speed.



The Miniwatt is perfect for smaller capacity areas such as inner city apartments, if your head room is limited, the Miniwatt is your perfect solution. The Miniwatt can be designed to suit your unique style & space. For up to 3 persons with max size 1200mm x1200mm and 150mm/s speed.