Quality, Whisper Quiet Electric Lifts For Your Apartment

Our lifts are perfectly designed to suit apartment buildings 6 storeys or less. With our sleek, compact design they can suit any style of apartment with a wide range of colours and material to choose from.

Eco-friendly with no messy oils or lubricants to spill on your beautiful flooring. They are virtually maintenance free keeping your ongoing costs to a minimum.

A safer, more reliable option using the latest technology for whisper quiet efficiency and lower running costs. They are perfect for your apartment where space, safety and reliability are essential.

All our lifts are electric, battery powered and designed to support your apartment environment, blending beautifully with your interior design.

If your apartment building needs a 5 person/400 kg rated lift, with a maximum cabin size of 1400 mm x 1400 mm, then The Lift Company is perfect for you, seamlessly fulfilling your needs and saving you thousands.


Custom Designed Lifts For Your Apartment

We will custom design a lift especially for your unique apartment environment. Our team of professional installers will handle your project from start to finish ensuring you are happy with the finished product for many years to come.


Our lifts can be design and fitted into new apartment builds

We can work with your architects to design the perfect solution for your new apartment. We include landing doors that work in with your chosen interior design style.


We can retrofit our lifts into your existing apartment

If your lifestyle changes require a lift to be fitted into your existing apartment, we will work with you to select the perfect option to suit your existing apartment set up and style.


 Why Choose Our Lifts?

Our lifts provide a smoother, more comfortable ride at the maximum speed efficiency possible without any interruptions even in the case of a power outage. They are environmentally friendly and designed to suit your unique apartment style.


Faster, Smoother Ride

Our lifts travel much faster than hydraulic options. Our innovative magnet design controls the deceleration and stopping giving you a smoother experience.

Reliable and Safe

Our unique anti-blackout system means our lifts keep working even in a power outage. The safest most reliable lifts to transport you to where-ever you need to go.

Whisper Quiet

Our electric motors and magnet design means our lifts operate smoothly and whisper quiet without the hydraulic vibrational noise interrupting your peace.


Compact, Sleek Design

Our lifts are beautifully designed to fit into your apartment. With no bulky equipment, our lifts have a smaller footprint.

Lower Cost

Our lifts use the latest technology for efficient power use and with the unique design and engineering they are virtually maintenance free, saving you up front and in the long run.


Our lifts are fully electric without the need for messy oils and lubricants that can damage the environment and your apartment. They use the same energy as a flat screen TV to operate.


Easy, Cost Effective Installation

There is no extensive foundation work or drilling as we only require a 180mm - 300mm set down, depending on design. Our specialised installation crew will complete the total fit-out, you do not need other trades people to support. We install your lift under 3 weeks of it arriving, it will be fully operational in under 20 weeks from the time of order. As our largest component is not more than 2.4m we are able to walk the parts through your front door for easy installation.

Building Consent Support Provided

Our service includes guiding you through the Council consent process for lifts. Once you have approved your design, bespoke manufacturing begins in Europe. Your lift is created to your exact specifications and thoroughly tested with quality assurance to ISO 9001 standards before leaving the factory. Installation is compliant with NZS 4334 for residential lifts. We complete your compliance documentation with your local authority.

All-Inclusive Pricing, No Hidden Extras

We operate a no surprises policy. Our pricing is all-inclusive and anything we are unable to do for you is clearly pointed out in your quotation, so you are able to plan and budget for the installation accurately. Costs include: mirror, phone, handrail, control panel, emergency button, coverings and trims, all lift doors, door hardware and locking mechanisms, shaft lighting, floor coverings, inspections, labour, equipment and full installation.

Low Maintenance, 3 Year Warranty

We offer a comprehensive 3 year parts and labour warranty. Extended warranties may be purchased if required, however our lifts are designed to give you many years of trouble-free operation. We provide local support and servicing for your annual service check.