A Sleek, Compact Designed Lift

The Miniwatt® is perfect for single family houses or commercial use. It can be customised to suit your renovation. This lift is the ideal solution where there is a need to serve the attics, lofts or situations that present top floor landings with reduced heights.

The Miniwatt® has a compact capacity with a max size of 1200mm x 1200mm and 150mm/s speed. Perfect for up to 3 persons. The Miniwatt® has an innovative patented drive system, based on the use of a DC motor. This technology allows the operation of the lift, using only 150W and allows its use even in the event of a prolonged blackout.

The running costs are much less with our fully electric lifts, there are no messy oils, lubricants and once installed our lifts are virtually maintenance free, saving your ongoing budget.

We have a wide range of accessories for you to select from. Our consultant will advise you on what will suit your unique needs.

Miniwatt Benefits


Anti Blackout system

The presence of the two batteries allows the use of Miniwatt ® even in the absence of electricity (black-out) for around 30 runs. The number of runs may vary depending on the battery charge.


Absence of Equipment Room

With Miniwatt ® no space is required to accomodate hydraulic control units and control boards, the engine being located in the elevator shaft and the control panel is located in the top landing door.


Comfort and Silent Operation

Soft departures and arrivals, stopping precision and silence are distinctive traits of Miniwatt ®, designed and made to offer maximum comfort.



Miniwatt ® is provided with a speed limiter that avoids the uncontrolled movement of the cabin, wherever it may be.


Low cost of transport

Guide lengths that never exceed 2.4 m reducing the transport cost and facilitating movement on site.


Environmentally friendly and clean

Miniwatt ® protects the environment, no messy oils, not even lubricant required for the sliding guides.


High Energy Efficiency

Miniwatt ® offers superior performances to a hydraulic elevator consuming less than 50% electricity of its hydraulic equivalents.


Low Power Usage

The Miniwatt ® uses only 150 Watts of power. So there is no need to turn off other appliances during use and very little increase in energy costs. A standard home power socket is sufficient for charging the inbuilt batteries.


Miniwatt Specifications


Max Weight 250 Kg

Max speed 0.15 m/sec

Max hourly insertions 45

Max travel 24.000 mm

Headroom 2.000 mm

Pit 130 mm


Supply 220-240V

Used power 0.15 kW

Rated current 0.6 A

Maximum absorption during acceleration Absent